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KidsChat is an adult-supervised children's messaging application

Yes, KidsChat is completely free

No, parents can rest easy since KidsChat does not have any advertising

Yes, all conversations are encrypted so it is not possible to see conversations from outside of KidsChat

The steps to follow to register a Junior are very simple.

     An adult will download the app and register it normally
     In the side menu find an option called "Administer Juniors"
     If you do not have any added as if you already have one, you have a "Add Junior"
     In the new screen that appears the adult will enter the user and password of his junior
     The junior will download the app on your device and log in with your username and password
     The adult can already from the section of administering Juniors control the activity of the selected junior

No, junior contacts are discharged by their adult from the "Manage Juniors" Contacts option

Yes, but the adult can control them, he / she will have the power to choose if the junior is free to send the images and / or videos, or have to give the adult his / her approval for the sending or reception.